Our Services

Asset Finance

Through options such as Hire Purchase or Leasing, Asset Finance allows you to purchase or lease machinery or equipment without the need to pay the full cost upfront. From commercial vehicles to engineering equipment and even IT software, Asset Finance offers a range of flexible funding options for them all.

Property & Development Finance

We work with the country’s leading lenders to provide your property and development finance. Our experience enables us to give you the best advice and source the most appropriate finance for your venture. Whether its development finance, commercial mortgages or short term bridging loans, we will work with you to find the best option for your project.

Commercial Finance

Commercial finance covers a range of different product options such as loans, cash advances and invoice financing, all aimed at enabling businesses to achieve their goals and objectives by increasing cash flow to support company growth. No matter what stage of progression your business is at, the choice of funder and options has grown meaning more affordable solutions are available.

Cash injection needed?

We will assess the options your business has. This can include loans and grants, even investment options  –  we will cover all angles for you!

Starting a business?

There are options for sourcing funding for new businesses, but they can be few and far between. We have access to options, and can assess your individual circumstances to find the best one for you. (And some start up loans are valid for businesses trading for less than 2 years so it’s always worth asking!)

One of the partners we work with is the Start Up Loans Company – call us on 01636 640 830 to discuss.




There is a baffling array of different finance arrangements out there

We will review your requirements and provide you with options for securing the finance needed. We have strong connections with a number of market-leading funders and banks, and we use those connections to find you the best deal. Here is an overview of the key finance arrangements (but remember: this is only a selection, so it is always better to talk to us!)

Types of Finance


Simple and Flexible
A simple repayment facility giving full ownership at the end of the agreement. Repayments can be fixed and structured in a flexible way – for example a final lump sum may be applied which will reduce the monthly repayment.


Personalised and Tax Efficient
Fixed rate monthly repayments, subject to VAT, enabling the use of the asset without ownership, but allowing some rental rebate from final sale proceeds.


Tax Effective and Manageable
Due to the tax treatment, this is the most cost-effective and efficient form of car leasing. It also gives flexibility to respond to changing market conditions with flexible lease periods plus maintenance, servicing and replacement vehicles if needed.


Effective use of current assets
Unlock the funds you have tied up in existing assets to benefit from a cash injection but still use the equipment. You may be able to release the capital tied up in these hard assets using a variety of refinance and structured finance options which we can go through with you.


Fill the gap
Often invoice financing is viewed with scepticism, but times have moved on and this provision has improved tremendously. It enables companies to take finance against some or all invoices, providing increased cash flow during the period until the debtor pays. The service can include debt collection, or not – loads of options!


Total Flexibility
This is a business loan against which no added security is taken and does not, therefore, have to relate to or be attached to a specific asset. The funds can be used as you need.