Finance For Healthcare Professionals

Finance for professional practices in the healthcare sector can be very different to standard commercial finance in many ways. As a specialist market you need to use a specialist financial expert who understands your sector. With access to major banks and specialist niche healthcare lenders, we know the types of proposals that are synonymous with this sector and which will be successful for lending against.

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How can we help healthcare professionals?

Encompassing all areas of the healthcare industry, FUNDING ROUND can provide funding for your practice requirements whatever they may be. We have lenders who will look favourably at the requirements of healthcare professionals and offer competitive rates for the purchase of a new practice or building and expansion, development or refurbishment of existing practices as well as buying of healthcare and surgery equipment and assets.

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We can support practices in the following healthcare areas

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GP practices and consultancies

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Dental practices

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Opticians and eye care specialists

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Veterinary practices

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Care homes

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Nursing homes

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Private medical centres

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What's available to me?

We have a range of financial products that can be accessed – secured loans, unsecured loans, asset finance to name a few – which help our clients finance any number of requirements the practice might have. For example, to:

• Buy an existing healthcare practice, including Partner Equity/Buy-in Loans
• Set up a new practice
• Acquire premises
• Acquire equipment and assets
• Provide working capital and finance growth
• Deal with tax

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Commercial mortgage finance broker

Buying a healthcare, dental, veterinary or care home practice?

How much can you afford?

Before you start investigating practices, you need to work out how much you can afford to borrow. By asking a few straightforward questions, we can evaluate how much the banks will lend you based on your own personal circumstances so you’re in the strongest position to buy. If you do this first, it should help you work out your budget and narrow down your search for the right practice.

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Considerations when buying into an existing practice

Buying into an existing practice as a partner or buying it outright perhaps from a practitioner who is retiring may require a substantial investment. It’s important to assess the performance of the business to understand its current value. The patient base, the premises and equipment, and the value of any NHS contract all need to be understood and assessed before you negotiate.

We can help you with a range of solutions to let you buy into an established practice. A secured loan is one answer, with the security provided by the practice itself. Another alternative may be a partner equity loan. This may take the form of an interest-only loan which can be the most cost-efficient way to buy into a practice. If you are thinking of buying into a large practice, you may need to do so as a partner - or buy out a partner who may be retiring. Buy-in and Buy-out finance recognises the challenges and provides funding tailored to help you make full use of the opportunity.

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How we work

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Fact Find and Situation

We’ll discuss your current situation and immediate requirements, as well as gain an understanding of your longer term goals to ensure your finance requirement complements your business goals.
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Assess and Analyse

Review of your business financials and information to ascertain the debt capacity within your business to ensure the all important affordability and your ability to repay any debt.
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Research and Model

Explore all options available suiting your needs and model the various solutions, providing comparable terms and structures from a range of lenders to support your decision making.
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Recommend and Apply

Outline the advantages and disadvantages of the range of solutions sourced so you can identify the most suitable deal for you . We complete the application to the chosen lender on your behalf, managing it through to completion.

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Don't just take our word for it

Take a look at what our happy customers had to say about our service

"Working with FUNDING ROUND for finance makes my job easier! No matter how complex the deal, they take the lead and ensures the i's are dotted and the t's crossed."

- Neil Smith

"The service was great - very quick turnaround and kept me informed at all times. They even chivvied the dealer along but all in a very competent and professional way."

- Darren Round

"FUNDING ROUND opened my eyes to the benefits of using finance to develop my business - great advice! Useful to have a sounding board out there to look at different ways to grow. Plus FUNDING ROUND offer a great service to find the right finance solution! They even sourced the product for me and took the hassle out of searching around."

- Matt O'Mara

"We have worked with FUNDING ROUND over many years and have a valuable relationship benefitting both parties. Long may it continue!"

- Dan Hutchinson

"FUNDING ROUND are great at finding the right finance deal for us. They are thorough in their understanding of the challenge and tenacious in finding the best solution for us! Speed and reliability of service are excellent and dependable."

- Mike Neale

"Good professional service, highly competitive and knowledgeable - nice people to deal with too which always helps!"

- Melvyn Cross

"Our company have had the pleasure of dealing with FUNDING ROUND for a number of years. Often they have been able to obtain a favourable deal for us where others have struggled or failed completely. They are always quick to respond, very friendly and professional."

- David Wright

"As a fairly new customer to FUNDING ROUND, I have been very impressed at the professionalism and speed of service. Great pro-active communication too - keeps me informed!"

- TM, East Midlands manufacturer

“I found the process with Julia excellent. She was incredibly helpful, did all the legwork, took responsibility, had excellent knowledge of commercial mortgages and banking, and, importantly, got the best rates!”

- Manufacturing Business

"It was immediately obvious that FUNDING ROUND knew exactly what they were talking about and they very quickly found an appropriate lender. The company’s knowledge was excellent, they kept me informed throughout the process and I genuinely believe the deal wouldn’t have been done without FUNDING ROUND."

- Hospitality Business

"The things that stood out for me were how responsive and helpful FUNDING ROUND was. Ours was a complicated commercial property borrowing arrangement needing a specialist broker and FUNDING ROUND was perfect. I would definitely recommend and refer you, and have done so already."

- Commercial Property Investor