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Key Benefit

Lower interest rates and more flexible repayment terms

Almond Financial Ltd is a Lincoln-based team of financial advisers, specialising in pensions, investments and mortgages. The company prides itself on helping its clients to thoroughly comprehend their financial situation and the options available to them by eliminating unnecessary complications, offering a bespoke solution and handling finances with integrity and care.


Why would a financial services company ask a commercial finance broker to arrange a loan for two company vehicles? Because it appreciates the expertise that a commercial business broker can bring to a credit arrangement.

Sam Robinson of Almond Financial Ltd first met FUNDING ROUND’s Julia Wilkinson eight years ago when they both worked for the same high street bank. He was impressed with her knowledge of commercial funders and immediately knew that Julia would be the right person to talk to when sourcing credit to buy two Tesla electric cars for the business. Both Sam and Julia share a common approach to business, providing excellent customer service and the best solution to a client’s requirements.


Almond Financial had been quoted an interest rate of 9.9% on a commercial loan with fixed repayment terms. FUNDING ROUND, through its knowledge of business lenders secured a deal, almost immediately, that was half the interest rate and offered with flexible repayment terms. Not only did Julia secure the loan but she dealt directly with the car dealer, ensuring the whole process was speedy and efficient (just like the client’s Tesla car!).

“Through FUNDING ROUND, we secured far better credit terms than we would have got directly. In fact, not only are we paying half the interest rate we were originally quoted but Julia made the whole process seamless and stress-free! We were so thrilled with the service from FUNDING ROUND that we repeated the process six months later with a second vehicle.”