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Key Benefit

Worked with the client from project start to project completion


Our client is an established residential developer in Lincolnshire. Notwithstanding their past experience, they wanted professional support to secure funding for the first phase of their development (six houses) with GDV of £2m. Key priorities for them were to get higher leverage funding at a competitive cost in the ever-growing market for development finance.


The ultimate outcome was the required finance to achieve the land purchase and commence build with FUNDING ROUND supporting the client throughout the course of delivering the funding package. This entailed:

  • assistance with initial structuring of the proposal including complex land purchase arrangements
  • provision of funding illustrations on different assumptions relating to phasing approach
  • preparation of the detailed funding request
  • review of a range of lenders’ risk appetites for the deal
  • provision of a comprehensive comparison sheet for our client’s consideration and discussion
  • coordinating and attending meetings with the selected funder
  • overseeing the required documentation and delivery process, including Valuation and Monitoring Surveyor reports

“The wide experience of the sector and extensive knowledge of the funding market that FUNDING ROUND brought to the table was invaluable in bringing the scheme to reality. Mick’s approachable manner and common-sense attitude earned considerable respect from lenders and made a real difference.”