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Commercial mortgage through pension funds
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Key Benefit

Speed of response and knowledge of property purchase through a SIPP

Our client, Amelio Solar Energy, works within the sustainable energy field, helping business and homeowners reduce their electricity bills and carbon footprint by supplying and installing solar panels onto their buildings. They also have a sister business, installing EV chargers.

The business has seen rapid growth in recent times through successfully securing large contracts with schools and hospitals and, as a result, needed larger premises. Richard Jones, managing director of Amelio, made a decision to buy a commercial property rather than continue to rent and was advised to buy through a SIPP (self-invested personal pension).

Richard knew of Funding Round from a previous discussion and when his financial adviser recommended us he decided we were the broker for him. Why waste energy talking to anyone else?!


Buying commercial property through a SIPP is a very tax-efficient way of purchasing but much more complex from a commercial property mortgage perspective. As a broker there are multiple people to deal with – the client, the lender, the pension provider and the vendor – and a far higher level of scrutiny and regulation to be complied with.

It requires a commercial finance broker with experience, expertise and knowledge of commercial mortgage lenders – that’s where Funding Round excels. We found a lender that not only offered a good rate but was happy to lend a relatively small amount without early repayment penalties.


Whilst Richard Jones and his team at Amelio Solar Energy focussed on continuing to grow, Funding Round took control of the deal and moved the project forward. Whilst frustrating at times, with valuations and regulation slowing the process down, Richard very much appreciated the role that we took and the time that we invested in getting the deal over the line.

We smoothed the path for all those involved, ensuring that the client, the lender, the vendor and pension provider were all happy with the final outcome. And, we took the time to find a lender that dealt with smaller lending amounts (most lenders aren’t interested unless the mortgage amount is over £150,000).

Richard sums up how he found working with Funding Round,

Buying commercial premises within your pension fund seems like a simple idea, but in reality it’s surprisingly complex! The complexity was further exacerbated by it being a new build. Funding Round secured a product that was well structured for my needs, including no early repayment fees which is a real bonus. But more importantly, Lucy took personal responsibility for updating all parties throughout the process, ensuring that no detail was missed and resolving issues to get the completion over the line. Without a shadow of a doubt, Lucy’s contribution saved me an immense amount of time, effort and energy!  The team at Funding Round are definitely to be recommended!”.

Just like Amelio and its green energy solutions, Funding Round provides the best solutions for optimum performance and maximum financial returns.


Practising what it preaches – Amelio adding solar panels to their new offices.