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To improve net cashflow
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Refinancing commercial mortgage
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Key Benefit

Competitive cost of mortgage and associated transactional costs

Our client is a seasonal business in the leisure sector, with their prime activity being one which typically most lenders have limited appetite for. They needed a loan structure that would reduce their monthly repayments and significantly increase the cashflow to support their growth plans. Having discussed their plans with their bank, the bank suggested they speak with us as they were unable to offer a loan structure to suit their requirement.


We took time to fully understand the client needs and the impact the solution would have on the business and their lives.  This was important as the options to increase cashflow were limited, and this was their livelihood and home we were considering. We sourced a product that gave the client an additional 10 years on the term of their commercial mortgage.  We found a lender that could offer this at a very competitive price without disturbing their core banking relationship.


The key benefits the client cited using FUNDING ROUND were time and cost. They wanted to refinance as soon as possible so they could start improving cashflow before the winter season – a quick turnaround was therefore necessary and we project managed all elements of the deal to achieve this. We were mindful of the costs associated with the transaction – after all, the purpose of the exercise was to improve cashflow.  We took care to ensure the client wasn’t committed to legal costs until each aspect of the valuation was approved – there is no point paying for output not satisfactory for the lender the deal would not proceed. Furthermore, we were able to introduce them to commercial solicitors with the experience needed for the transaction who would work at a competitive fixed price! Putting this new commercial mortgage in place has enabled them to invest more into the business to achieve growth, increased profit and make the business more sustainable for the long term.  They are now on track to achieve their business goals!