End of an era …

Queen, change, values
One reign has ended and a new one begins. What a strange sentiment, bearing in mind so many of us have, all our lives, relied on and trusted Queen Elizabeth II as our monarch. There is much to take from Her Majesty in all walks of life, including business.

She conveyed so much over the course of her long reign – inspiration, graciousness, humanity and a sense of humour. Her sense of duty was second to none; understanding the role she had in the nation, the strong work ethic she undertook and the accountability she sustained to fulfil her role impeccably.

The nation will mourn her loss and celebrate her life. The change was inevitable, just the timing was unclear. We will adapt to the change and become familiar with elements that currently feel strange: saying ‘Long live the King’, singing ‘God Save the King’, referencing the King’s Counsel in the legal world, and over time, using stamps and money with a different image of our Head of State.

It is also wise to remember her strong family values, and the grief and loss the Royal Family will be experiencing, just like any other family losing their matriarch. Our thoughts remain with the Royal Family at this tough time, particularly as they will be grieving in a very public glare.

Thank you Ma’am for everything you have given to your nation – we are all better off for your support and presence over the course of your 96 years.