When to Refinance

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Knowing when to refinance your business can make a big difference if you’re looking to implement plans for growth and expansion. Whether you’re purchasing property, other assets or hiring new employees, debt consolidation and restructuring your finances can positively impact your business operability. But how do you know when the time is right? Here are the key signs you need to know if you’re thinking about refinancing.

Your credit score is looking healthy

The best time to refinance is when your credit score is looking in robust health. A good to excellent credit score gives you access to preferential interest rates or lenders that reduce the cost of a refinancing loan.

Your credit is hurting your credit score

Conversely, if having several credit streams is hurting your credit score, refinancing could be a way of avoiding those high-interest rates in future. For example, if 30% or more of your capital is being utilised for credit debt, lenders may be wary of your ability to repay any loan. So, the right time to refinance could be before your business looks like it’s swimming in debt and your credit score goes through the floor.

Your overall interest rate could be lower

Having a range of short term low-interest loans can seem appealing until they start growing out of control. Then, crunching the numbers and exploring different rates and longer terms through refinancing can help you expand your operational margins.

You’re looking for better repayment terms

In the UK, SME’s make up 99.3% of all business, but you can still struggle to get the right loan. Repayment terms often favour the lender whether you’re looking for a business credit card or flexible lines of credit. If repayment terms make it difficult to finance your business goals, it could be time to refinance.

Your business finances have improved

Are your business finances positive and showing signs of continual growth? Then it’s a good time to think about refinancing. Increased revenue or reduced running costs demonstrate success and make it easier to refinance and retain growth capital. As a result, you’ll be a more attractive prospect for lenders looking for low-risk opportunities, and you should easily qualify for better rates and lending terms.

Your personal finances are in good shape

If you’re looking to refinance, waiting until your personal finances are in good shape could pay dividends. You may be asked to stand as a guarantor on any loan. Getting yourself in good financial shape helps lenders look at you as a low-risk prospect. In turn, you’ll increase your chances of favourable terms and rates for your next refinance.

You run an established business

The longer you’ve been trading, the more attractive your business is to lenders, and the more likely you are to get a good debt consolidation deal. Even if your growth has begun to taper off, refinancing with favourable repayment terms is worth considering. It could give you access to more growth capital, particularly if you can demonstrate your business’s scalability.

You want to avoid early repayment penalties

You might find that your business is in a position to repay an outstanding loan, but you’re likely to get stung by significant early repayment penalties. Bundling your loan with other business credit, including card debt, could see you save money with better loan repayment terms.

Refinance your business with Funding Round

Whatever the business you run, refinancing through an independent broker like Funding Round can be a great way to unlock the finance you need to grow on your terms. We have extensive expertise in the banking sector and specialist knowledge to support your SME. To find out how the range of funding solutions we can access can help your business grow, contact us to arrange your free consultation today.